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If you’re reading this post and have been a frequent visitor to this site, it’s a safe assumption you have a true desire to be the best athlete you can be.  The hallmark of greatness is an innate desire to aspire to be the best. Notice, I did not say “want” to be the best, I said “aspire”, there’s a significant difference.

You would surely need more than ten toes and ten fingers to count how many of your peers if asked the question, “do you want to be an All-American and earn a college scholarship?”, would immediately blurt out “hell yeah”.  The ability to want is a trait we are all born with, from the time of our conception we have wanted in our mothers womb.  That desire to want began with nutrition and nurturing, as we grow older the wants become a reflection of the stage of growth we are in. There was a time when we all just wanted milk, nap time and graham crackers.  Now as maturing young adults in the burgeoning stages of your athletic careers, you want to be the best.  Yes, every high school athlete scrolling this site and on your football team wants to be viewed as the best at what they do.  The problem with wanting is you operate from a position of desire and not action!  

Where we crossover in to the world of achievement is found in adopting the habit of aspiring to where we want to be.  Once we develop this habit, we naturally begin to put in to motion the action steps to get us to achieve what it is we desire.  You look around the weight room and realize you are the last one in there and you didn’t plan to be.  Suddenly you make the unconscious choice to get extra sleep the night before a game and not stay up playing Call of Duty.  Aspiring to achieve what it is you desire will place you in the express check out line, while wanting will leave you still standing in line with the rest of the window shoppers.  

Make the conscious effort to decide what it is you desire, aspire to achieve it and be amazed at how the greatness inside you will make it’s way to the surface.

In reference to the picture up top, the winner had aspirations of winning while the losers each wanted to win. 

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Comment by 55 on November 22, 2013 at 7:41pm
Good read I feel every one reguardless athlete or not should invest time into reading this article.

Dwight Stephenson

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