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Example Of Correct Alignment Versus Incorrect

Proper alignment is key to efficient movement.  This video will give you a clear image of how improper alignment leads to issues that can hamper your play.  Before you click on the video take a quick look at the picture posted above of Cowboys right tackle Tyron Smith. Tyron's lower body alignment is as good as you can want.  I addressed this more in the prior write up I posted.  The key issue with his stance is his shoulder placement, he's too far forward.  Tyron's shoulder placement has now put him in a position where his first movement will be to pop his torso straight up.  With his helmet and shoulder pads, there is an estimated 15 pounds that is pulling his shoulders towards the ground.  It's almost as if he is playing with a 15 pound weight tied around his neck, can you imagine how difficult that is?   I know my a****sment of his movement is correct because I've studied his film and Tyron plays with his upper body straight up.  At this point in his career, he's young and strong enough to get by but now going into his second year, there is a lot of film to study on him.  Defenders will now have a library of his work to pick at his weaknesses.  I can guarantee that if his stance isn't corrected, Tyron Smith will see a lot of bull rushes this year. My point is simple, everything about your stance will have a positive or negative impact on each subsequent motion.  The idea is to start as cleanly as possible with the idea of putting yourself in the best possible position to be successful.

This video will give you a nice example of how improper foot placement can throw off the entire set.  

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Comment by Sean Ravenscraft on June 3, 2012 at 8:11pm

Great video LB!

Dwight Stephenson

Kevin Gogan

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